100711 bob holman on "ide7fold"

Dear Ide,


(...) Your work : unique, mindblowing, driving all directions. The gestural poems (asemantic) remind me of Brecht's gestus and work I've done linking sound/movement -- that every letter/sound/word/emotion has a single corresponding gesture that unlocks meaning. Totally Brilliant! I humbly suggest a duet while I am in Vienna -- possibly m:mn (paraphrase).


I wonder how big a hit Link Love was. A spectacular poem/song/video -- this is the real We Are the World! The Ginsberg/Dylan cherub with words -- hilarious! beautiful!


So wonderful to see you in the Medellin clip. It could have been last night! Brilliant, provocative.


In fact, the whole website rocks, and I watched till my computer blew up -- the Flowplayer software is new to me, and perfect for your work. (...)



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july 11, 2010 (email from Medellín, Colombia)