110313 mujo (song for sendai)

song dedicated to japanese haiga & the victims of the sendai tsunami.

110301 "hu" added to ide7fold

asemantic play ("asemantic" like absolute music, sound poetry or abstract painting)

110227: "die arktische hysterie" auf ide7fold

108 textsegmente für situative transformationen

110222: "mamama papapa" added to ide7fold & youtube

performative dialogue between a writer (christian ide hintze) and a drawer (emil siemeister)

110119 waldman on "ide7fold"

"I bow to you Ide, poet, great performer, infra-structure poet & visionary."

101217 old language

one of the oldest documents of ... the noric language (the language of noricum)?:

101209 alte schmiede, wien

artmann-fährten. zum 10. todestag von h.c.artmann (12.6.1921-5.12.2000)

100906 new release: "nantzn", dvd

christian ide hintze: "nantzn", asemantic performative poetry. 1989-2009
dvd, 72 tracks, 73 minutes, € 19,80
modena / [a:o], ISBN 978-3-9502923-0-5, austria 2010