orivesi teachings

video, audio, papers, fotos
english, phonetic language, finnish
workshop "sound poetry for voice and body"
orivesi college of art, orivesi, finland, november 2008

class descritpion: course involves exercises with mind / voice / body: working beyond semantic structures & meaning. students compose / perform phonetic poems "on the tongue / on the body", receive some basic information & instruction on the international sound/performance poetry. working language: english.
students: aleksis salusjärvi, camilo antonio, didi  sommer, emma majava, helena määttä, janne kortteinen, janos ihalainen, juri joensuu, kristian blomberg, michaela schweighofer, olli-pekka tennilä, raisa marjamäki, tea-mari brax

what you can watch here (video clips): the basic single phrases / poems of the participants becoming 1 long composed performance piece (clip "apoiupa")