leaflets / handouts
german, austrian
produced & distributed 1974 - 1978 by the author
in the streets of austria, germany (brd+ddr), switzerland, italy, netherlands
as handouts or posters or megaphone pieces
or wallpapers at public buildings; ca. 300-500 pieces, ca. 1,5 mio copies
no publishing code


small leaflets with written notes produced with the help of the – then revolutionary – xerox-technology.  christian ide hintze says: "the leaflets became my own form of mass media, something like playing cards for a kind of a language monopoly.  the phenomenon of the masses and mass communication have always fascinated me. besides, i wanted to put test on real people wittgenstein's claim that the meaning of a sentence is a product of its use." results: 3.000 letters & telephone calls, numerous arrests, charges of "disturbance of the  peace", "obstruction of public traffic",  "littering pedestrian areas", and a network of contacts that remains a vital source of his projects.