ide hintze: why i prefer lower case

why i prefer lower case:

capitals are impractical, need 2 key operations, stand for hierarchical principles and only go upwards. lower case letters are quick, objective, neutral and also go down.

by extracting capitals from latin script i convert it into a unicase script (1) and approximate it to the ipa script (2), which – not without a reason – associates a spoken sound to exactly 1 graphic sign (a = "a"). it is illogical to represent a phoneme by 2 different graphemes (a = "a" or "capital A").

the rules for the usage of capitals are from the analog world, vary from language to language, tend to be quite complicated, serve as a means of selection and discipline and are regulated by committees without democratic legitimacy, which continue national traditons. the exclusive usage of lower case letters (latin unicase), which is rampant in the digital world (3), ignores those rules, underlines the democratic function of writing and sets a sign for overcoming cultural boundaries.

letters going up and down represent the human condition better than letters going only upwards. writing serves as a means for representing language. it belongs to all who create and use it.

(1) other unicase scripts: arabic, bengali, chinese, devanagari, georgian, gujarati, gurmukhi, hangul, hebrew, japanese, tamil, thai.
(2) ipa (international phonetic alphabet / international phonetic association): phonetic spelling, found in dictionaries
(3) netiqette: "help prevent email address case confusion. to minimize the risk of delivery failures due to case differences in your email address and to make the job easy for email system administrators: use only lower case characters when you create a new email address."
(4) christian ide hintze,