1984 li te various authors

christian ide hintze: li te. poetry temple. closed circuit 4-media installation in public space. sponsored by grundig-austria. no publishing code. vienna 1984

"he tries to find out what literature actually is. to do so he returned to his old school - to the streets."
(erwin melchardt in: kronenzeitung. vienna, austria, october 4, 1984)

“that would concretely mean for hintze: the completion of a poem which is made up of 2 tons of wood, 500 metres of cable, 60 litres of glue, 1000 sheets of paper, 80 kg of iron, 8 colour, 3 black and white monitors, 3 black and white cameras, 8 video recorders, the love and the unkindness of an uncountable crowd, a poet and the late summer weather. the 18 video tapes, which were produced by ide hintze and were running continuously day and night are an enhancement of the international sound poetry toward the visual.”
(ewald spanner in: zeitgeist, a review for art, nr. 2/84. vienna, austria, november 1984)

"for almost four weeks hintze lived and worked in a primitive shack in vienna’s karlsplatz, surrounded by audiovisual equipment (everything was generously offered by the grundig company) ... and authored a proclamation on literature ("the answer to the question "what is literature" is to be found in the word itself since it embodies immemorial human sounds")."
(herbert hufnagl in: kurier. vienna, austria, october 5, 1984)