Christian Ide Hintze
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born 1953, Vienna, Austria. Author of performances, tapes, books, installations, drawings, exercises, super 8 films, leaflets, posters, cds, dvds & internet sites. Inventor of instruments. Creator of a 7fold poetics. Hintze propagates lower case writing, organizes cross-culture events and serves as the director of the Vienna Poetry School.            comments 

Publications: Looking out my window (super 8 film 1973), Zettel (street poetry 1974-78), mmm (drawings 1983), I-tetralogy (paper/audio/video/video 1984), LI-TE (temple, installation in public space 1984), Die goldene Flut (book 1987), 30 rufe (CD 1992), Writing in Water (exercise 1998), [ampf] (CD 2000), link love (TV song 2004), nantzn (DVD 2010), hu (score / play 2011).
Presentations at festivals & exhibitions in Middelburg (1976), Esslingen (1976), Ljubljana (1983), The Hague (1985), Tokyo (1987), Bern (1987), Rome (1988/89), Buenos Aires (1993), Stockholm (1993), Havana (1993/94/96), Medellín (1995/96/2011), Rosario (1996), Berlin (1998/2004), Jakarta (2001/03), Milano (2007), Novi Sad (2008), Oslo (2009).

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1. acoustic:

  • gypsy life. audio tape, cc. (engl, saal). songs 1970-73
  • innpathaa. lp, vinyl, 30 cm. (germ, aal). spoken word. graz & vienna 1981
  • clavier-apophthegmata. audio tape, 18 cm. (germ, saal). poems for voice & piano. vienna 1983
  • wiener unordnung. radio show. (germ, aal). 4-track-cassette-recorder-poems. ed. by karl corino. hessischer rundfunk. frankfurt, germany 1989
  • sappho sighs. audio tape, cc. (saal). sea waves & evening sounds at sappho's birthplace, skala eressou, greece. p-tapes. vienna 1990
  • 30 rufe. cd. (germ, aust, aal). poems for 1 voice, many voices, audio samples & drumcomputer. extraplatte. vienna 1992. ex 162c
  • violettes gras / violet gras. cd. (germ, saal). vocal contributions to a production by wolfgang mitterer. vienna 1993
  • fonema por fonema. radio show. (germ, span, aal). acoustic poetry. ed. by esteban peicovich. radio municipal. buenos aires, argentina 1993
  • [ampf]. cd. (aal, saal). notes, poems, sequences & songs. asemantic acoustic poetry. extraplatte. vienna 2000. ex 462-2
  • link love!. cd. ("i love you" in 73 languages). songs & videoclips. alphabet / modena. vienna 2004. lc 08340
  • langsam mahlen. radio piece. (germ, aal). together with wolfgang mitterer. orf. austria 2004
  • Buenos Aires Talk. Audiobook on CD. (engl, span). Esteban Peicovich interviews Ide Hintze. Colección Los Palabristas 93. Texas A & M University USA 2007

2. visual: 

  • der blick aus meinem fenster / looking out my window. super 8 film.
    (germ). contribution to "lumiers kinder" / "lumier's children", film
    contest (austrian television company orf 1974). vienna 1973
  • i am the cap de la tour eiffel, got my face to know, morning light. super 8
    films. (engl). contribution to "randfest", festival of subculture (hall
    in tirol 1974). paris & munich 1973
  • stuhltexte. portable exibition. (germ). chair covered with inscribed sheets of paper placed at various locations in public space. austria, germany 1974-76
  • aus der ferne lesbar / readable from distance. poster action. (germ). contribution to "kompott 76", multi media festival. esslingen, germany 1976
  • handwerk mundwerk mailart. exhibition, lecture & street action. (germ, lett). solo show. qualerie gallery. esslingen, germany 1976
  • durchsuchung eines sprachraums. exhibition. (germ). briefe, zettelgedichte, mailart. baak'scher kunstraum. köln 1978
  • action-foyer. exhibition (germ, avl). miniposters, mailart, zettel-poems. action-kino. vienna 1979
  • overall azul. article of clothing. (germ). overall with letterings. vienna 1983
  • l-li-obo. video. (fren, engl, germ, saal). 4 video tapes. with henri chopin. vienna 1983
  • i-japa. video. (saal, svl). processual visual poetry. vienna, austria 1983
  • v-ide-odis-tanz. video. (mlnst). contribution to the torino film festival (torino 1984). vienna 1983
  • mmm. video & 136 drawings. (saal, savl). non-alphabetic letter signs. vienna, austria 1983, 2006
  • act in a and ah. video. (aal, avl). contribution to the world wide video festival (the hague 1985), video femmes (montreal 1986), tokyo video festival (tokyo 1987), videonale (orf 1986) a.o. festivals. vienna 1985
  • lesson in looking / blicklektion. video. (lett). contribution to the world wide video festival (the hague 1985), videotage erlangen (erlangen 1985) a.o. festivals. vienna 1985
  • trilogy of sounds & letters. video. (lett). contribution to the poesie total festival (bern, switzerland 1987). vienna 1986
  • approaching henri chopin. photos. (). henri chopin at his apartment in bagnolet. documents of a visit. bagnolet 1999
  • mp2010. exhibition. (savl, saal, sall, sapl). drawings & videoclips. together with emil siemeister. foyer agitas treuhand. vienna 2010
  • clippoetry. video clips. (mlnst). collection in progress.
  • scores / partituren. (sco, alnu, lett). collection in progress.

3. literary: 

  • zettelalbum. book. (germ). street diary. 222 pages. michael schönemann verlag. kisslegg, germany 1978. isbn 3-921825-12-1
  • die arktische hysterie. cardboard box. (germ). xeroxed textsamples for situative transformations. vienna 1983
  • die goldene flut. book. (germ). 200 pages. preface by the author. verlag kiepenheuer & witsch. cologne, germany 1987. isbn 3-462-01815-9
  • triêu dâng ánh vàng. book. (viet). 74 pages. preface by vinh kai huynh. van hoc. hanoi, vietnam 1993
  • die lyrische guerilla. book. (germ). hand outs, speeches, interviews, fotos, announcements. edition selene. klagenfurt, austria 1993. isbn 3-85266-011-4
  • la creciente dorada. book. (span). 116 pages. preface: sonia bravo utrera, esteban moore. editorial graffiti. montevideo, uruguay 1996. isbn 9974-551-59-5
  • autoren als revolutionäre / authors as revolutionaries. book. (germ). dialogues with henri chopin, mircea dinescu, gioconda belli, anne waldman, allen ginsberg, ryszard dreger, anna leska. edition selene. vienna 2002. isbn 3-85266-176-5
  • anfang der welt / beginning of the world. book. (germ, alnu, symb). xeroxed wordfiles. p-papers. vienna 2005

4. performative

  • streetsinger with & without rucksack, guitar & mouthharp. public art. (engl). travelling europe by train (interrail) & hitchhiking. copenhagen, fristaden christiania, amsterdam, brussels, london, paris, madrid, lisbon, granada, monaco, milano, basel, munich 1972-73
  • prospect. public art. (gest, mim). spontaneous mimetic action in the streets of paris, madrid, lisbon, granada, monaco, milano, basel, munich 1973
  • rede am ort des geschehens. public art. (germ, slov). performative reading with megaphone at the lindwurm monument. neuer platz, klagenfurt / celocev, austria 1975
  • kundgebung der anwesenden / manifestation of the attendants. public art. (germ, engl, slov, fren, ital, poli, lati). instant street drama. waagplatz, salzburg, austria 1976
  • nicht anwesend / not present. portable monument. (). non-communicating actor of a person placed on pedestals at various locations in public space. austria, germany 1977-78
  • und omnibus / and omnibus. multi media. (germ). portions of language for megaphone, handbills & sandwich boards. with assistance by peter below & mixed media editions. würzburg, germany 1978
  • zetteldämmerung / the dawning of zettel. cinema film. (germ, aust). actor in a movie directed by austrian filmmaker alfred kaiser. vienna 1979
  • affaire lunaire. performance. (germ, fren). performative vocal poem composed in 3/4- & 4/4-measures. la balle excentrique. galerie st. barbara. hall in tirol, austria 1980
  • gold im ofen / gold in the oven. theatre play. (germ, aal, avl, apl). produced by wiener festwochen / the vienna festival. vienna 1981
  • spin-nen-an-n. video. (germ, saal). long poem for voice, situation & saxophone. edition wienstärke-6. vienna 1982, 1986
  • do-zodiak. video. (all, saal, sapl). vienna 1984
  • ceremonia di destituzione dalla carica de kurt waldheim. video-performance. (germ, ital, aal, all, saal, sapl, symb, sco). ausoni gallery. rom, italy 1988
  • christian ide hintze. performance. (germ, ital, aal, saal, sapl). soloshow with assistance by ivo antunic & teresa pomodoro. teatro no'hma. milano, italy 2007
  • nantzn. dvd. (saal, sapl, sco). asemantic performance poetry. 1989-2009. modena / [a:o]. vienna 2010. ISBN 978-3-9502923-0-5
  • mamama papapa. dvd. (saal, savl, sall, sapl). dialogue writer - drawer. with emil siemeister. modena / [a:o]. vienna 2010. ISBN 978-3-9502923-1-2
  • hu. theatre play. (apl, germ). sample partitur & übungen. modena. vienna 2011. ISBN 978-3-9502923-2-9
  • hu. theatre play. (apl, engl). sample score & exercises. modena. vienna 2011. ISBN 978-3-9502923-3-6

5. interactive: 

  • zettel. xeroxed hand outs. (germ). tiny inscribed slips of paper, distributed by the author in the street. ca. 1,2 million copies. austria, germany, holland, switzerland 1974-79
  • stirngedichte / poems for foreheads. public art. (germ). tiny slips of
    paper with short texts, placed on foreheads of passers-by. vienna 1974
  • schreiben auf dem rücken anderer / writing off the back of others. public art. (germ, aust). chain-poem with passers-by. vienna 1975
  • quindici lettere / ten letters. mailart-exercise. (mlst). lettristic translation exercise for mailart communards. international postal services 1975
  • warum haben sie sich diese frage stellen lassen? / why did you accept to be asked this question? public art. (germ). posterstand with slogan, poems & feedback page. pedestrian zone, kärntnerstraße. vienna 1975
  • e1. card game. (alnu). vienna 1977
  • zettelpoet christian ide hintze. radio show. (germ). dialogues with listeners, live. ö3-funkverbindung. orf. austria 1979
  • ippoi. website. (germ, engl). interactive internet platform. austrian cultural forum new york. new york & internet 1995
  • internet-icons. website. (alnu, germ). emoticons. interactive digital class room. vps. vienna & internet 1997
  • european loveletter. website. (mlst). interactive digital lettercase. with renée gadsden & gertraud marinelli-könig. vps. vienna & internet 2000 & 2001
  • peace box. installation in public space, concept. (mlst). vienna 2007

6. infrastructural: 

  • 20 pfg. gedichteverkaufsstand / poetry stall. (germ). signboards, chair, xeroxed poems, cash box. selling poems in public space. prize for each poem: 20 pfennige (= 10 eurocents). münchner freiheit. munich 1974
  • luidl ins genick ljubljana. installation. (germ, saal, savl, sapl). 2 monitors. 18 looped videoclips. with emil siemeister. contribution to the video cd festival. ljubljana, slovenia 1983
  • i-tetralogy. multimedia. (germ, saal, sall, sapl). 1 cardboard box, 1 audio tape, 2 videotapes. vienna 1984
  • ide-video-tor-tour. installation / exhibition / performance. (mlnst). acoustic-visual-literary-performative-interactive-poetry, electric heater, paraffin, scores, fotos, stills, video tapes. café ring. vienna 1984
  • li-te. temple. (mlnst). closed circuit 4-media installation in public space. 4 wooden letter-sculptures, 1 wooden trumpet-cross, 1 wooden shack, 11 monitores, 3 cameras, 18 videotapes, 1 typewriter, 1 table, 1 chair, 1 bed. sponsored by grundig austria. vienna 1984
  • l-li-obo wels. installation. (aal, saal, fren, engl, germ). 4 monitors. 4 looped videos. 1 wooden box. contribution to the austrian filmtage. wels, austria 1984
  • door open & closed. video installation, concept. (symb, engl). 1 door, 1 ceiling, 2 cameras on stands, 2 cameras with transparents & wheels, 2 insert screens, 1 blocker, 1 gate, 1 pole, 1 track, 1 recorder, 2 spotlights, 2 joints, 1 elastic rope, 7 monitors, 5 symbols. rome 1988
  • pi-tetralogy. multimedia. (mlnst). 3 video tapes & 1 xeroxed book. skala eresou, rome, vienna 1990
  • o-tetralogy. multimedia. (mlnst). 1 book, 1 cd & 2 video tapes. vienna 1992
  • tho-tetralogy. multi media. (germ, viet, aal, sapl, savl). 2 books, 1 cd, 1 video. vienna 1994
  • midi/monitor crank. instrument. (). vienna 2006
  • veakl. instrument. (). vienna 2008
  • ide7fold. internet. (engl, mlst, mlnst). videoclip-based online platform & link system. analogue material (paper, cardboard, audio, video etc.) step by step digitzed, displayed & integrated into the structure of christian ide hintze's 7fold poetics. inauguration: 2008. work in progress


7. instructive:

  • poly poetyka. video. (mlnst). how i work with audio, video, voice, body & script. examples 1983-88. rome & vienna 1988
  • crixtian idê hintóxó, viêt nam. video. (germ, viet). documentation of a teaching activity in hanoi. institute of literature nguyên du. hanoi, vietnam 1993
  • panel discussion: christian ide hintze, lyn hejinian, elsa cross, ping wang, ilya kutik, anselm hollo. jack kerouac school. audiobook on cassette. boulder, usa 1995
  • voz y cuerpo. video. (span, engl). documentation of a teaching activity in medellín. produced by rodrigo correa. medellín, columbia 1996
  • internet icons. digital classroom. (germ). exercise: creation of emoticons. produced by vienna poetry school. vienna & internet 1997
  • internet icons. book. (germ, alnu). documentation of a teaching activity at the internet. essay in: orhan kipcak, barbara ruhsmann (ed.): 5 internetklassen. edition schule für dichtung, passagen verlag. vienna 2000. isbn 3-85165-438-2
  • orivesi teachings. multi media. (engl, germ, fin). documentation of a teaching activity at the orivesi college of art. finland 2008
  • poetry in times of transition. book & dvd. (engl, cata). laptop lecture in: glòria bordons (ed.): poesia contemporània, tecnologies i educació. book & dvd. publicacions i edicions universitat de barcelona. barcelona 2010. isbn 978-84-475-3430-2

literary poems, films, songs, hand outs / handbills, mail art, pamphlets, prose, posters, essays, scores, drawings, speeches, performances, audios, videos, installations

  • der blick aus meinem fenster (looking out my window), super 8 film.
    contribution to: lumiers kinder (lumiere's children), film contest,
    organized by orf / alois schöpf. austria 1974
  • prolog 1 & 2, i am the cap de la tour eiffel, 6b, sleeping in a tree a.o. super 8 films;
    ein anwesender, erste erfahrung, in einem vollbesetzten zugabteil a.o.
    zettel-poems at: randfest - erstes tiroler subkulturfest, festival of
    subculture, organized by maria & gerhard crepaz, galerie st.
    barbara. hall in tirol, austria 1974
  • das trinkglas, poem, in: kuckuck nr. 5. literary magazine. ed. by horst lammert. berlin, germany 1974
  • rede am ort des geschehens, public art; verstellung, satzweise a.o. hand outs at: künstlerkolonie juennagrad, organized by del vedernjak, gerhard ruiss, johannes vyoral. globasnitz & klagenfurt 1975
  • im wirtshaus, poem, in: deutschheft nr. 4/5. literary magazine. ed. by karl ludwig pohl. kaufbeuren, germany 1975
  • pieces of mail art at: tentoonstelling deur, exhibition of door art & mail art. curated by ko de jonge. middelburg, netherlands 1976
  • das ist ein vorwurf a.o. pamphlets, in: ulcus molle info. magazine of alternative literature. ed. by josef wintjes. bottrop, germany 1976
  • aus der ferne lesbar / readable from distance, poster action; rede am ort des geschehens, public art; morning light, emulsion membran, waiting at the road a.o. super 8 films; ausbruchsversuch, rest des wiener aktionsmus a.o. hand outs at: kompott 76, multi media festival. organized by stadtjugendring esslingen. esslingen, germany 1976
  • prolog 1 & 2, apotheke, rødgrød med fløde, morning light, terra olympia, alia a.o. super 8 films; die freiheit zum theater, chronische papierverwertung, das augenzwinkern, wir stinken a.o. zettel-poems; rede am ort des geschehens, public art, at: arena. organized by the squatters & demonstrators. schlachthof st. marx, vienna 1976
  • kundgebung der anwesenden (manifestation of the attendants), instant street drama, at: szene der jugend, festival of alternative art, organized by alfred winter. salzburg, austria 1976
  • wir stinken, zettel-poem, in: wespennest. documentation of the squatting of the arena. ed. by gustav ernst, e. a. richter. vienna, austria 1976
  • direktaktionen, zettel-poems, in: nachtmaschine. literary magazine. ed. by matthyas jenny. basel, switzerland 1977
  • die verwundete flöte a.o. prose in: literatur und  kritik, nr. 118. literary magazine. ed. by jeannie ebner, rudolf henz. salzburg, austria 1977
  • einwegzettel, die zwei stücke, ein fall für zwischenfälle a.o. zettel-poems; prospect, body street art, at: arte77, festival of contemporary and experimental art. kleve, germany 1977
  • hey alter a.o. poems in: aufschäumende gedichte. book. ed. by j. gehret. azid press. amsterdam, netherlands 1978. isbn 90-70215-04-7
  • zettelpoems, songs & super-8-films at: wuhrmühle frühschoppen, stage events. organized by michael schönemann & the wuhrmühle community. kisslegg, germany 1978
  • böse dichter, speech, in: forvm. political magazine. ed. by günther nenning. vienna, austria 1981
  • innpathaa a.o. performative poems in: ohne maulkorb. austrian television company orf / andreas forst. austria 1981
  • mamama papapa, performance; luidl ins genick, installation (together with emil siemeister), at: video cd 83. video festival. curated by marie-claude vogric, miha vipotnik. ljubljana, slovenia 1983
  • die anstiftung von zusammenstößen, das gerücht vom straßenkampf, am schlagbaum der trauer a.o. pamphlets in: der metzger nr. 36, political satirical alternative magazine. ed. by helmut loeven. duisburg, germany 1983. issn 0250-1562
  • l-li-obo, description of an infrastructural poem, in: cantrills filmnotes. issue 43/44. magazine. ed. by arthur & corinne cantrill. melbourne, australia 1984
  • v-ide-odis-tanz, video poems, at: torino film festival. torino, italy 1984
  • l-li-obo, 4-monitor-installation, at: austrian film festival. org. by reinhard pyrker. wels, austria 1984
  • l-li-meta-mana, videopoem, in: videocongress - metasprache. video anthology. ed. by rudi frings, uli leistner, eckhart wirths. edition 235 video. cologne, germany 1985
  • lesson in looking a.o. videopoems, at: world wide video festival. den haag, holland 1985
  • act in a & ah, video poem, at: tokyo video festival. organized by jvc. tokio, japan 1987
  • huizzi, so viele dinge, v-ide-odis-tanz, acoustic, literary, performative & video poetry, at: poesie total. festival. curated by tobias c. biancone, bernhard streit. bern, switzerland 1987
  • suche hirnforscher, eine gibson von olivetti, nicht der urknall war der anfang der welt a.o. literary poems in: sprache im technischen zeitalter. ed. by walter höllerer, norbert miller. berlin 1989. issn 0038-8475
  • antrag an den deutschen literaturfonds e.v., conceptual text, in: litfass. literary magazine. ed. assen assenov, uwe heldt. munich, germany 1989. issn 0344-8592
  • instant-kommunikation, mini-essays, in: wochenpresse nr. 16/1990. political magazine. ed. by peter michael lingens. vienna, austria 1990
  • spirit & communication, performative speech in front of a multilingual audience, at: first world congress towards spiritual concord. almaty, kazakhstan 1992
  • a university of world cultures, conversational lecture (together with arnold keyserling) at: kazakh university of international relations & world languages. almaty, kazakhstan 1992
  • bô xuong trong dêm a.o. poems, in: van nghe. magazine, published by the vietnamese writer's organisation. hanoi, vietnam 1992
  • nu hôn dá mât, cái nhin rut rè a.o. poems in: van hoc nguoi hanoi, literary & political magazine. hanoi, vietnam 1992
  • don de la fluidez, rebelión de los vecinos desconocidos, trr a.o. literary & performative poems at: encuentro de poesía, poetry festival. curated by esteban morre, mario sampaolesi. mar del plata & buenos aires, argentina 1993
  • kind sagt, audio poem, in: biotope. ed. by alfred goubran. mc. edition selene. klagenfurt, austria 1993
  • hol-sto a.o. body-motoric sound poems at: text-sound. festival. curated by sten hanson, teddy huldtberg. stockholm, sweden 1993
  • breit, blau und demokratisch, speech, at: international nicolas guillén congress. havana, cuba 1994
  • la creciente dorada, trr a.o. literary & performative poems at: casa de cultura. holguin, cuba 1994
  • conversación con ed sanders, literary dialogue, in: la isla de barataria. literary magazine. ed. by esteban moore, mario sampaolesi. buenos aires, argentina 1994
  • su-su, enzio, tr: a.o. acoustic & performative poems at: bobeobi – intern. festival of sound poetry. curated by sylke bluhm, robert engelhardt, eva hübner. berlin 1994
  • die herabgekommenen unter den emporkömmlingen, muitz muitz, a o,  bürgschaft, a.o. acoustic, literary & performative poems at: poetry-music force. festival / tacheles. berlin 1994
  • verlangen, bürgschaft, schnee a.o. acoustic poems in: hörkunst. saarländischer rundfunk. saarbrücken, germany 1995
  • a dos pasos del mundo a.o. poems at: intern. poetry festival. medellín, colombia 1995
  • la cotidiana profundidad a.o. poems, in: prometeo 39-40. revista latinoamericana de poesía. ed. by fernando rendón, angela garcía. medellín, colombia 1995
  • panel discussion: christian ide hintze, lyn hejinian, elsa cross, ping wang, ilya kutik, anselm hollo. jack kerouac school. audiobook on cassette. boulder, usa 1995
  • iike für f.m., score, in: freibord. anthology published at the occasion of friederike mayröcker's 70th birthday. vienna, austria 1995
  • nachts a.o. acoustic poems, at: emisora cultural de la universidad de antioquia. radio show. ed. by jairo guzman. medellín, colombia 1995
  • semilla de angel a.o. spoken poems, at: radio musical nacional. radio show. ed. by jorge yglesias. havana, cuba 1995
  • rr-ring-nasha-bo a.o. audio poems, in: baobab. l'europa sonora. 4 mcs. ed. by enzo minarelli. ferrara, italy 1996
  • una piramida de luz, speech, at: inauguration of the escuela de poesía de medellín. universidad de antioquía. medellín, colombia 1996
  • two steps alongside the world, performative poem, in: el otro fuego. video, documentation of a festival. ed. by fernando rendón. medellín, colombia 1996
  • yo solo me atengo a los hechos, pti a.o. literary & performative poems at: festival latinoamericano de poesía. rosario, argentina 1996
  • h.c. song, audio poem, in: für h.c. ed. by konrad zobel. cd. orf. vienna 1996. orf-cd 524, lc 5130
  • bürgschaft, 4-track audio poem, in: from classical to contemporary. cd anthology. ed. by alexander mayer. extraplatte. vienna, austria 1997. ex-316 167-2. lc 8202
  • nieve verde a.o. poems, in: piedra sobre piedra. cuatro poetas austriacos. book. ed. by jorge yglesias. colección del estero. ediciones vigía.  mantanzas, cuba 1998. isbn 959-240-025-3
  • trr a.o. performative poems, at: allen ginsberg memorial. organized by al aronowitz. central park. new york, usa 1998
  • fundamentos de la escuela de poesía de viena, essay, in: fin de siglo. revista de consejo estata para la cultura y las artes de chiapas. ed. by mario uvence rojas, ricardo cuéllar valencia. chiapas, mexico 1998
  • modelos de mi lugar a.o. poems, in: hieronymus. poetry in german language translated into spanish. book. ed. by josé anibal campos. ediciones ouroboros. havana, cuba 1998. ex-316 167-2
  • aspekte einer literaturakademischen avantgarde, essay, in: studienziel: dichter. ist literarisches schreiben lehrbar? ed. by ministerium für schule und weiterbildung, wissenschaft und forschung des landes nordrhein-westfalen. book. literaturrat nordrhein-westfalen. düsseldorf, germany 1998
  • with your eyes, huizzi a.o. acoustic, literary & performative poems at: words & voices festival. heidelberg, germany 1998
  • internet icons, alphanumeric poems, in: 5 internetklassen. book. ed. by orhan kipcak, barabara ruhsmann. passagen verlag. vienna. austria 2000. isbn 3-85165-438-2
  • wien, 4-track tape poem, in: son@rt. cd. anthology of sound poetry. ed. by jacques donguy. son@rt 021, sacem. paris, france 2001
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  • 1975 07: salzburg, summer academy: "interactive action theatre", demonstrations, discussions, exercises. together with german actress christiane schröder. organized by wolfgang glück and the summer academy.
  • 1976 10: esslingen, germany, webergasse: "handwerk, mundwerk, mailart", street lecture, exercises with passers-by. organized by michael schönemann and the "qualerie" gallery.
  • 1979 05: linz, austria, university of industrial design: "hand-out, poster, performance", workshop talk, demonstration of examples. organized by wolf sator & "aktuelles forum".
  • 1988 11: vienna, video tape: "poly poetyka – how i work with audio, video, voice, body & script", audiovisual lecture. produced by the author.
  • 1989 02: rome, italy, deutsche schule: "experimental literature", workshop. organized by the department of culture of the austrian embassy in rome.
  • 1992 09: vienna, austria, university of applied arts: "speaking the voice – oral traditions, polyvocal poetry", class, lecture, student interviews. organized by vps.
  • 1993 03: vienna, austria, studienkreis kriterion: "voices & voices – polyvocal poetry, oral traditions", class, lecture, student interviews. organized by arnold & wilhemine keyserling.
  • 1993 10-11: hanoi, vietnam, institute of literature nguyên du: "trained & untrained – traditions of modern poetry", class & lecture. organized by the institute of literature nguyên du.
  • 1995 06-07: boulder, usa, jack kerouac school of disembodied poetics: "sound poetry", class, student interviews, panels, colloquium, faculty performance, lecture. organized by the the naropa university.
  • 1996 06: rosario, argentina: participant of "la enseñanza de la poesía como problema". panel with marcela armengod, nelly calame, graciela cariello, roberto retamoso. organized by the city of rosario.
  • 1996 06: medellin, colombia, universidad de antioquía: "cultos y incultos", lecture, "una piramida de luz", speech & "voz y cuerpo – score problems, vocal poetry, dadaism, jitanjafora", class, visited by haroldo de campos. organized by prometeo, escuela de poesía & vps.
  • 1997 09: internet: "internet-icons – hieroglyphs & modern icons", online class, lecture, chat. organized by vps.
  • 1998 03: düsseldorf, germany: lecture on "avantgarde perspectives of academic poetry teachings". participant of the international congress "studienziel: dichter". organized by the ministry of education, science & research of nordrhein-westfalen.
  • 1998 09: vienna, austria, thermalbad oberlaa: "writing in water", class, lecture, student interviews. together with helga pesserer. teachers & students working in the water. organized by thermalbad oberlaa & vps.
  • 2000 09: internet: "european loveletter – latin, central european, cyrillic, greek letters, fonts & spelling systems", online class, lecture. together with renée gadsen & gertraud marinelli-könig. organized by vps.
  • 2000 12: essen, germany, folkwang hochschule, university of applied arts: member of the international board of experts "lehrstuhl text", incorporation of literary teaching programs into the existing curriculum.
  • 2001 02: vienna, austria, university of music and performing arts: "from soundpoetry to pop", lecture & exercise. organized by university of music and performing arts.
  • 2003 08: denpasar & jakarta, indonesia, komunitas utan kayu: "sound poetry pop", class, student interviews, panels, colloquium, faculty performance. organized by komunitas utan kayu & vps.
  • 2005 03: leipzig, germany, university of leipzig: lecture "on translation and multilingual poetry", participant of the international congress of creative writing programs. organized by deutsches literaturinstitut leipzig.
  • 2005 10: prague, czech republic, literární akademie: "spoken sound poetry", master class. organized by literárni akademie & european network of creative writing programmes.
  • 2008 11: orivesi, finland, orivesi college of art: "sound poetry for voice and body", class. organized by orivesi college of art.
  • 2009 02: barcelona, spain, university of barcelona: presentation of the "7fold poetics"-concept as part of a seminar on "contemporary poetry, technologies and education". organized by the research group "pocio.poetry and education".
  • 2011 07: Medellín, Colombia, Museo de Antioquia, Sala de Proyecciones: "Poesía experimental", class. Organized by Escuela de Poesía de Medellìn & Prometeo.

explanation of language codes
(= list of languages used by christian ide hintze in his poetic work)

  • (germ)    german
  • (engl)    english
  • (span)    spanish
  • (fren)    french
  • (ital)    italian
  • (slov)    slovenian
  • (poli)    polish
  • (gree)    greek
  • (lati)    latin
  • (viet)    vietnamese
  • (russ)    russian
  • (cata)    catalan
  • (sign)    sign language
  • (aust)    austrian (not standardized, colloquial forms, dialects)
  • (mlst)    multilingual, based on standardized languages
  • (mlnst)    multilingual, based on non-standardized languages or a mixture of standardized and non standardized languages
  • (lett)    lettristic (letters, characters)
  • (alnu)    alphanumeric (latin characters, arabic numerals)
  • (symb)    symbols
  • (sco)    scores
  • (aal)    asemantic acoustic language (phonemes: spoken, taped, or technically produced / processed)
  • (avl)    asemantic visual language (abstract drawings)
  • (all)    asemantic literary language (graphemes: handwritten, typed, sculptured or technically produced / processed)
  • (apl)    asemantic performative language (body, situation: performed live, recorded, sculptured or technically produced / processed)
  • (saal)    spontaneous asemantic acoustic language
  • (savl)    spontaneous asemantic visual language
  • (sall)    spontaneous asemantic literary language
  • (sapl)    spontaneous asemantic performative language
  • (gest)    gestual language (non-standardized gestures with hands, arms, head. specification of apl & sapl)
  • (mim)    mimik language (non-stardardized facial expressions. specification of apl & sapl)
  • (body)    body language (everyday gestures & body movements without any artistic ambition)
  • ( )    no language

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