1996 creciente granma engl

christian ide hintze: la creciente dorada. 54 poems. spanish.
translations: dr. sonia bravo utrera, dr. petra röhler bolufe. preface by sonia bravo utrera. introduction by esteban moore.
editorial graffiti. 116 pages. isbn 9974-551-59-5. montevideo 1996

pedro de la hoz:
ide hintze, inspiring defiance
uneac presents the first book of poetry in spanish by the noted austrian writer

the poetry of the austrian author christian ide hintze can now be read in spanish. his poems have appeared in argentina, but only now, for the first time, has a full book been translated into our language. the uruguayan publisher graffiti has just released the volume "the golden flood", made possible by the efforts of the literary translation section of the association of writers of uneac and of two of its most conspicuous creators, the doctors sonia bravo utrera and petra rohler bolufé, celebrated for the beauty and fidelity of their versions.

for this reason, and because this is ide hintze’s third stay in havana, the presentation took place at the headquarters of the organization of cuban writers and artists this week at an event attended by dr. juri standenat, the austrian ambassador.

ide hintze is one of the most original and lyrical voices in contemporary german literature. he combines musicality and philosophy with critical thought and metaphorical inventiveness. perhaps keys to evaluate the true dimension of the cultural event posed by the appearance of his poems in spanish are to be found in the field of comparative literature. his searches have something in common with the best exteriorismo of nicaraguan poetry (cardenal, coronel urtecho) or with the striking uninhibitedness of the american beatnik movement and its successors (ginsberg, kerouac, bob dylan); in his emphasis, his stress, there is much from rock music and from ballads, and much of the minstrel.
it’s no coincidence that he feels admiration for the poetry of nicolás guillén and for the expressive gestures of cubans.

"the golden flood" was born out of the experience of the poet in the street, where he spent his youth – he was born in 1953 – as a man without a roof, alienated by the consumerist society. currently he is the director of the vienna poetry academy, a restive forum for apprenticeships and exchanges between north and south.

(pedra de la hoz in: granma culturales. havana, july 11, 1996. original language: spanish)